List of GIT Commands

I had long enough to hear about GIT, but haven’t worked with this tool yet. So I just read a book from NetTuts : Getting Good With GIT (Andrew Burgess), and this post is about list of GIT commands that I’ve found from this book :

git config --global Set user information
git config --global Set user information
git init Create an empty git repository or reinitialize an existing one
git status Show the working tree status
git add Told git to track the files. Use dot (.) to track all files in the directory (and all sub-directories), or giving their names as parameters, e.g. : git add index.html
git commit Record changes to the repository
git log Show commit logs.
e. g. :
git log --all (to see logs from all branches)
git log --graph --all --oneline (--graph to show tree view, --oneline to reduce the amount of information about each commit that we see).
git branch List, create, or delete branches.
e.g. : git branch authorization (create a branch name ‘authorization’)
git checkout Checkout a branch or paths to the working tree.
e.g. : git checkout authorization (Switch to branch ‘authorization’)
gitk To open GUI program for GIT
git merge Merging branches.
e.g : git merge authorization